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About Katie

Katharine Ramsay, also known as Katie, was born in Bend, Oregon but moved to Denver, Colorado as a young child with her family. Katie graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Photography from the University of Colorado Denver in the Spring of 2020.  She now resides in Burbank CA, enjoying the warm weather, beach, and all the creative people she runs into here! 

In her personal work Katie enjoys portraiture, specifically fashion photography. Within her photoshoots Katie often wears multiple hats throughout the process. She will take care of wardrobe, art direction, photographing and editing. She also has experience photographing products, whether is be for companies or her artistic friends who have artwork they need professional photos of!

Although Katies main focus is photography, she enjoys painting, sewing, and all other things crafting. If you stop by The Toluca Lake Farmers Market on Sundays you may find Katie there selling her art! She is currently focusing on trying out all things "artistic" and is up for anything- currently Art Directing a short film! With any questions please feel free to reach out through email, or instagram which is linked at the bottom. :)


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