About Katie

Katharine Ramsay, also known as Katie, was born in Bend, Oregon but moved to Denver, Colorado as a young child with her family where she currently resides. Katie hopes to one day return to Oregon as it holds a special place in her heart.  Katie just graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Photography from the University of Colorado Denver. Before graduating Katie worked at CU Denver for the Communications Department as the Photo and Design Coordinator where she was in charge of taking, editing and managing photos for the CU Denver online database. 


In her personal work Katie enjoys photographing people, specifically focusing on Fashion Photography while styling thrifted or vintage clothing in a high end way. Her thesis project focuses on just this concept- thrift store fashion. She has been buying and styling only clothes from thrift stores in a fashionable way. She hopes to show through this project that second hand clothes can be beautiful and you don’t have to buy new to be fashionable. She believes that fast fashion is becoming increasingly harmful to the environment and there needs to be a change in the world of fashion. Thrift shopping cuts back on waste and pollution, and increases the life of the clothing which is just what Katie wants to show through this body of work. 


Katie’s love for photography really took off her senior year of high school when she took a photography course that focused on the more creative side of the craft. Katie has had her work up in numerous coffee shops around the Denver Metro area, as well as winning a Gold Key at the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards in 2017, and had her work show at the History Colorado Center. Currently Katie is focusing on creating a magazine of her thrift store fashion photographs. 


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Telephone: 720-935-1659

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